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Buyer beware of Waste Management. This company is so bad, I don't know where to begin.

They provide trash service for me at a rental property. First of all, they make me sign a 36 month contract for trash service. Really? I need to sign a 3 year contract for them to pick up garbage!

Then they expect me to notify them by certified mail 6 months before the end of mine contract to tell them I don't want service anymore. Plus they want me to tell them the price of the service I am switching to and give the right to match it. Ridiculous! What else?

They have raised the cost of my service 15% a year. They just randomly raise my bill and hope I don't squeal. If I call to speak with a manager, they get my contact information to call me back, yet more times than not I end up having to call them again because they don't return my call. They changed my trash pick up day and failed to notify me.

They claimed they couldn't get in touch with me, but by God they could get the bill sent to me each and every month.

Needless to say, I will not be renewing my contract with Waste Management. I have been counting the days until I can tell them where to put it.

This company is too worried about their shareholders' pockets and shamelessly promoting themselves on Undercover Boss to give a *** about their customers. I would not recommend anyone ever get trash service from Waste Management.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

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Most the trash service that I hate is WM waste money and lies all the time. After the Lies trash service company lost their business, WM took over and over charge such as

-$ 25 dollars for enrollment fees ( sick for that )

-$25 dollars for late fees because the old company was gone you did not know who will service then I just wait.

-25$ late for pay after you pay for $25

- I paid $50 because they received after they send you a bill is means you was late then $25 again and again...

-Late fees is a suck policy because now they are inclusive trash service in my area. I have no choice.

I wish they will going out business and never see them around.


I cancelled WM service after months of service. After I cancelled they refused to come pick up the bins.

December is when they were supposed to be picked up. It is now February.

My husband is loading the bins in his truck now and driving to their location to drop them off.

Bunch of unprofessional idiots!



...just get a new hauler at cheaper rate..WM will threaten you with liquidated damages and will harass you with collections calls but in the end they will just remove the can..also be aware that if they raised your rate more than once in a year they breached the contract and its no longer valid..also you should call and get price rolled back..ask for higher manager until you get what you want...


Be sure you have the right date to send in the letter to discontinue service. I was off a month.

Now we are stuck until 2014 with their overpriced service.

Call them and get the exact date that you have to send in your certified letter and start at the beginning of the time period. They are very deceptive, beware.


I used to have WM. I never had to sign an agreement.

That's crazy! Plus with a 6 mos cancellation policy! They did *** up my rate though. I would just call them and they would lower the price, and I never had any problem reaching someone who would lower it.

I just told them that someone else was offering me a lower price and they were fine with it. That did get annoying though. I wanted to stay with them because I liked how they enviornmentally conscious they seemed to be. Then I noticed that they wouldn't let me sign up for an ebill unless i opted for automatic payment and thought that that was not very green.

I decided to switch to Cycle Works.

They don't necessarily have it all together, but they are good so far.

They want your business, and from what i was told (although I haven't been with them long enough to know), they won't raise their price. I guess we'll see.