NO call / NO Show on schedualed pick up days.

Not the first time this has happened , in fact 5 times this year.

We have contacted them several times over this LACK OF SERVICE and ofcourse nothing is done.

I called them this AM to complain about not being picked up on schedual

It is Saturday the day after our schedualed pick up day and i'm standing in the living room when they come by.

The truck picks up trash from the other homes on the block that are normaly picked up on our trash schedual Friday.

Ofcourse they drives right past mine, trash out on the curb ready and waiting


BBB contacted.

We are looking for a new company that values its customers and honors its contracts.


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It's hard to take you seriously when you have the grammar of a first grader. You should go back to first grade and learn something.

to So sad Sacramento, California, United States #812674

DEAR So Sad,

You obviously work for WM. I would assume the person you are criticizing about his/her grammar is really frustrated and at the end of their rope with this company.

I have been there myself. Waste Management is a company of thugs and thieves. They produce fraudulent and forged contacts, give poor service, and literally rob you and they don't even have to use a gun.

They prey on small companies who operate on a tight budget and screw them. I know, they are doing it to us right now.

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