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Took over service when I bought a house. No wonder the previous homeowner pushed this onto me.

The fee to pick up is outrageous and they got out of it. BUT, my biggest complaint is that when I signed the contract did not read the entire thing and was not verbally informed that I was signing a two year contract with huge early cancellation fees. Yes, I did not read the contract, but it should have been voiced. Now I am trapped for Two years.

AND, I have never had a company charge more for an overfilled dumpster than what I pay in a month. Again, unreasonable fees.

Not a PR company. RUN the other direction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Sorry to read about your contract concerns. Please email us your account & contact details, so we may review the contract & assist with this further.

Our email address is (Subject: Sioux City, Iowa). Thank you ^RM


Not completely true, because nowadays is trapped in a FIVE YEAR contract. They deliberately quote a base for monthly pick up and do not verbally state that "fuel and environmental" fees, which are cleverly called "charges" (in order to minimize the verbal impact) add a whopping 34% to your monthly bill.

Even worse, if the dumpster's lids aren't all way down from it being a overfilled, the 34% fuel is still added to the $75 penalty fee. To me, it sounds illegal to charge for fuel when the truck is there.