Union City, Michigan
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Not completely true. Now it's a SIXTY month contract, not three years.

It's funny how they coach their call employees to not use the term "contract.". The representative I spoke to was very nice when my ice cream stand closed down for the winter and I requested that my weekly pick up be changed to monthly. The reps are pretty nice, so I felt guilty that I would soon be calling to give my 6 months notice of cancellation or face auto-renewal of my contract. I was not going to get trapped into paying 50% more for another three AGAIN.

The rep told me they emailing methe service change paperwork to sign in order to acknowledge the change. The print so small in my iphone that I had just signed for another 6 years.

UGH! The trash nightmare.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hi, I'm with Waste Management. We can certainly assist with reviewing your contract and with any concerns you have.

Please email us the service address & your contact info to wmcares@wm.com (Subject: Union City, MI). Thanks, ^RM