Erie, Pennsylvania
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This is crazy. If you don't pay your bill they pick up your tote.

Then send your account to collection. Then start a new bill. Even though you have no tote and aren't receiving service. I then called to pay what I owed was quoted the collection debt.

Paid that still receive no tote or service because I now owe for the new bill even though I have not received service and no tote.

So I continue to get billed even though I don't have a tote and no service. And I can't get service or a tote until I pay a bill for which I got no service or a tote

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Residential Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Gregory A Gamble

WM are a bunch of gangsters... they make you pay one way or another...

in cash, frustration and intimidation. When you need a tote they take forever.

When you want it picked up they take forever. When you tell them your canceling they threaten you.


Sorry to read about the billing frustrations you've experienced. If you would email (Subject #839511) with your service address and contact information, we'd be happy to review and assist in these concerns.

Thank you. ^DB