Thibodaux, Louisiana
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Your management staff inside the plants are a disgrace to the industry. Is your prerequisite for employment is to be rude, obnoxious and use the strong hold tactic to get out of paying for tearing up equipment then WM is right on target.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I am an employee at wm. I was working for there energy services division in wv driving a tanker truck.

When the work slowed down they had a hr rep come in and give us (apox. 12 of us ) all a layoff slip and told us we could all transfer to a differant position within the company. Well i tried that i aplied for 6 differant positions at 3 locations. But instead of putting an employee in one of those positions they hire some new guy off the street and leave us all to sit at home.

Bottom line is the company likes to surgar coat everything so they look good. They lie about everything. They get by with it because they play dumb. U ask a question and they will tell u i dont now or they will transfer u to someone else that dont know.

Theres a reason why wm employees call it wasted management. And ps most of there trucks are unsafe and should not be on the road. Dot would be rich if they inspected the trucks in wv.

And yes theres a way they get by with it. They are liceinsed to do there own inspections so they just slap a sticker on truck and its legal so stay away from wm trucks when u can.