Uniontown, Pennsylvania

Did not collect trash when they were supposed to! Bill is paid; normal trash pickup is Friday; due to the Christmas holiday, it was extended to Saturday.

Trash has not been picked up. We had a few inches of snow, but travel is not hampered. Not the first time these wastoids have done this. Worthless; Waste Management is totally worthless!

I have checked web accounts of other shady deeds/deals this company has pulled; they are not a credible organization.

When I play by the rules; pay my bill; take care of what needs to be done, I expect to be treated in kind. I got a ton of holiday trash I am going to have to store for another week because these people will not honor their business contract!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

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in regard to the previous post, still have three weeks of trash, wtf


they suck bill paid in advance, three weeks no pickup. two emails one phone call.

trash was taken out each pickup.

day at 6:00am. horrible customer service


Customer service is directly related to management skill. in the Albuquerque area there is a night shift supervisor hired by his highschool friend who happens to be the district fleet manager this is a night shift supervisor that doesn't work at night he doesn't work at night because he's busy doing the district fleet manager job district fleet manager is rolling up to Farmington spend time with his mistress while on company time.

District fleet manager sets examples so then all the other managers take advantage of Waste Management policy. Then the night shift supervisor cannot collectively do his job and this results in a downward spiral that leads to employees at the bottom of the totem pole getting written up suspended or terminated so that way these managers can cover their rear ends this is only one example of many but the result is the same it affects customers, quality and safety.


I used to work for Waste Management and I agree totally that Waste Management does shady contracts they can't even keep employees employed to maintain their vehicles long enough to keep the customers happy the district fleet manager there Albuquerque area hasn't got a clue how to run or manage his life nor his job it's only a matter of time till bad management decisions we'll catch up and force Waste Management to lose several contracts to other competitors. Rio Rancho is coming up for bid and I know that waste management will lose this contract then in Belen and Los Lunas area will be next to switch contracts waste management will close their doors then and only then will be serviced properly.


2016 and Waste Management is still the worst trash pick-up company I have ever seen. They have nice trucks, but charge for services that is only done half the time.

They come at all sorts of odd hours or not, at all. There customer service phone reps are horrible and dishonest.

They bought out a smaller company that did a good job. Having nice equipment does not mean its a good company, whatsoever.


Yes. I had the same experience with them.

They are becoming poorer and poorer. Switched to a competitor.


Haven't picked up in over a week. Said they were here Monday 527pm and saw now trash.

It's been out since Sunday night.

10 calls and no explanation. Bill is always paid on time and can't find me in their system but cash my check every time.


Small local trash companies are better, they gotta compete with corporate wm.


Waste Management has been awful to deal with. They are scheduled to pick garbage on Thursdays.

We make sure our garbage is out on Wednesday night. It has been two weeks in a row that the garbage wasn't picked up. I called on Thursday night and a complaint was filed. Well Friday came around and they still didn't pick up the garbage.

Its been two weeks now that they haven't come. I spoke to the customer service lady again this morning and she said they would be out today to pick it up. I am not holding my breath.

My bill is auto paid and she said she shows our account current. I would like to know where my driver lives so I can take my garbage and drop it off in his yard and let him enjoy the odor for the weekend in 100 degree heat.


They post a Holiday schedule 4th July normal so you put your trash out and they don't show up. They suck.


Be very careful if you want to sign up with waste management their contract is very tight you can only cancel or notify that you want to cancel in a very narrow window. I reccomend you find a more honest and reputable company If there is a locally owned company in your city use it.


Don't ever go through this company! I signed up for service online and paid for a year up front as they give discounts for paying it all at once.

Dumb mistake on my end! My order was lost in the system and I was paying for something I wasn't using. Everyone I talked to was acting like I was crazy as they couldn't see that I placed an order. Finally I spoke to someone with a brain and she figured it out.

I ended up canceling as I had such a horrible initial experience and was promised a refund in about two weeks.

It's not been two months and no one knows what they are talking about. I am getting different stories from different people.

I have never spoken to such incompetent people in my life! :(


Waste Management new policy to fraudlently harass there customers! I got a letter from them saying I was Delinquent and they filed a lien on the property.

I was not Delinquent there billing showed acct balance $0. They told me I had a $0 balance when I called them after an hour of being transfer to many people in the billing dept. I was told it is there new policy and I will be harassed and threatened every month by them with the filing of a lien on my property.

Unfortunately, the City of Perris, and County of Riverside is franchised with Waste Management. They are the only company allowed to provide service to this area.


Don't bother with WM. They won't fix ANYTHING.

They might undo some fees for not picking up but it happens ALL THE TIME EVERYWHERE. It isn't coincidence it is how they do business. The only solution is to terminate your service with these pirates. They tried to charge me $125 for 3 months of service then "offered" me one of their contracts you can never get out of to get back to the original fees I signed up for.

Run screaming. Nobody needs this much hassle over simple trash pick up

@Fed up with WM

I totally agree with you. I worked there for over 20 YEARS....they care MORE about their inane corporate rules and policies than they do about servicing their customers.

They treat their employees like cattle....they don't even care about them, so why would they care about just "another customer"??!!! They have lost sight of what their business is really about.

I hate those bastards. :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

@Former WM employee

I totally agree.Under cover boss was a joke..this corp uses and treats their employees like the trash they pick up.All management knows is numbers and $$ at the employees expense. :(


Please email wmcaresonline@wm.com for assistance. We want to service our customers better than anyone else in the industry and look forward to resolving your issues.

@WM Cares

we tried customer care and talked to them also, totally useless. they skipped 2 pick ups and said we were closed.

we were open.then they want to credit 6 bucks for 2 weeks missed of commercial service. we canceled the service as the contract was up and they wont let us, will not remove the dumpster and want us to pay them to have it removed. we had a contract that was in 2008 and is expired as they bought out the next company we were using after we had similar issues years ago and dropped them.

I will be either removing the conatainer from my property and putting it on the street or charging them storage at 35 bucks a day. come fix this now

@WM Cares

Just the SUBJECT on your post is a LIE....cuz WM does not care at all !!! One of the most corrupt, greedy and making deals "under the table" organizations there is.

I mean, in some cases they even have the Teamsters Union in their freakin' pocket.

Really *** SAD, if you ask me. :( :( :(

@WM Cares

You need to address your employees needs first.Your Employee Integrity hotline is a joke.Soon as an employee files a complaint he or she is almost guaranteed out the door.Why can't an employee email or address corporate without the fear of being turned in or terminated?Integrity?..yeah right what a joke! :(