They have increased our fees by 40% over the past 3 years. Each time I object they reduce the fee back down a bit after I call, then sneak back increases.

Finally after a 14% increase this year alone, I contacted another company and they will provide me service for 40% less than WM. Now WM will not cancel my service. I call and ask them to cancel, but the various reps I talk to say they are "not authorized" to cancel my service. They transfer me to a "retention specialist" but that person does not pick up the phone, so I have to hold the line for 10 minutes until I'm given the chance to leave a message.

I've also sent them notice through their online system, but they still will not cancel my service. Instead they sent me a reply "We will review your request ..."

This is par for the course. Over the years I have contracted with them their service has been awful.

Definitely do not do business with them.

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I have had the same experience with WM. They refuse to cancel contracts and threaten people or force people to their terms. I think someone needs to bring a class action suit.

Pekin, Illinois, United States #683837

I too have the rising fee issue. I have to pay for 3 months service in order to cancel a contract that I apparently signed in 2006.

I received a new contract in the mail this year. Did not sign it because of the cost.

They said the 2006 contract says it automatically renews. BULL So I am complaining to all the agencies to see it that helps.

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