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since spring of 2014 I have an issue its waste management in Springfield ll

they have continued miss me on their route for garbage pick up and recycled products.although I was not in arrears with my bill I was told they refuse to discuss this issue of not picking up anything with me until my bill was paid stupidly I paid my bill till October 2015 in the amount of one hundred and thirty dollars this had absolutely no effect on my pickup they still did not pick up. this is a union company if anyone had an argument against a union and I don't have arguments against most unions...

I do have one with the Teamsters because they are the ones that are not picking up my garbage when I've already paid for that pick uptil October 2015. what's up with that union... Teamsters I don't want to support you in any way shape or form and in fact I have recently discovered that most unions don't support the Teamsters that sucks for the Teamsters if no one wants to support you including any and all unions but yourself. I'm really upset because they owe $130 which they are not giving me they have not returned my phone calls yet they invaded my yard to pick up there refuse or garbage disposal vehicle.

I would rather pay anyone but the Teamsters more money to pick up my garbage because I'm sure they would but the Teamsters won't.

I refuse to support the Teamsters and waste management disposal any people out there who will . I am Kathy Kuffner at 908 South walnut Springfield Illinois if you choose to call me and complain I will accept your calls my number is 217 502 1614 it would actually be better if you emailed me at kathykuffner@hotmail.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Kathy- Thank you for your outreach. We are reviewing the account, and will be in further follow up soon.