Port Charlotte, Florida
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My husband is an employee of waste management. He has requested new uniform tops, as the reflective tape has peeled off, rendering him at risk for being hit by a car.

He has requested new uniform weeks ago. The care tags state, "25 washes". He has worked there almost 8 months and is still waiting for this most basic of safety equipment.

Please keep him safe! He doesn't deserve to be treated this way!

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Hi, I am with Waste Management and am very sorry to read about this. Safety is our priorty and we'd like to assist further with this.

Please call our Ethics line at 1-800-265-9381 so we may better assist with your concerns. Thank you.


You can file a complaint with either your state or federal OSHA agency. I suggest you take a look at the state main website and find which agency regulates workers safety, etc.

and contact them. You may be able to do this online. Be aware, tho that if you use your/your husband's real name, it could cause him trouble with Waste Management. They most likely don't take kindly to people filing complaints against them.

Actually, they really don't like anyone, even customers complaining about them as they never seem to be able to answer their phones and could care less when/if you do get through. Good luck.