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I have never taken to the internet to post a complaint or and a negative experience about anything, but today I am quite bothered about a situation with Waste Management, and I feel to warn my fellow small business owners of my experience. My service agreement with Waste Management just came due this year. In the past months I had been receiving email from Waste Management, to renew my "service Agreement" and had been giving a deadline to respond or my agreement would not be renewed. I viewed the new Service agreement and saw that the cost was going up quite a bit and decided to shop and compare. I found that I could get the same service at about half the cost of Waste Management. I felt as a smart business man that it would be foolish not to change service and take advantage of the cost savings. I noted the final date to respond on the new Waste Management service agreement and went forward with the new provider. I then responded to Waste Management to terminate the service and that I have contracted a new service provider. But wait, not so fast!!! I received a response that...

1. I was not able to cancel service because they automatically renewed the service for 36 months.

2. Then I am told that I didn't need to sign the service agreement by the final date noted and that Waste Management would not impose a price increase and the service would continue at the rate of the previously service agreement.

3. In order for me to terminate my service agreement that was automatically renewed by them would require me to send a, by registered mail a cancellation letter and pay a fee. A fee equivalent to about 10 months of service. Then that would let me go out of my agreement.

In my 30 years with Waste Management I have never made a late payment or made any trouble for them and I have never receive such a email as noted below. You judge for yourself to see if it appears to you, that you need to respond to renew your service. I have italicized the second sentence. I will admit that if the email is read carefully there is the indication that it may not be completely necessary.

Personally, I think it is a well crafted way for Waste Management to abuse their customers and get more of your money.

Dear Valued Customer,

In reviewing your account, I see that your Waste Management Service Agreement is up for renewal. To update your account and ensure that you continue to receive the industry’s finest waste service, we would appreciate your signing and returning to us the attached Service Agreement, which maintains your current service level and price.

As a Waste Management customer, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of the waste industry’s first and only written Service Guarantee. This is our promise, in writing, of service excellence, including:

● On-time pickups

● "Haul or Call" service in the event of service disruptions

● Same-day emergency service (for calls placed before 10:00 a.m.)

● WM Online: Automatic Bill Pay, Paperless Invoices, even schedule services!

Please review the enclosed Service Agreement for accuracy and call us if you have any questions or concerns. If all is satisfactory, please electronically sign the Agreement. Once received, I will countersign the Agreement so you have a completed copy for your records.

We greatly appreciate the continued opportunity to provide you with environmentally sound waste disposal services.

If you have any questions, please email me at:



Inbound Account Manager

Office: (800)-774-0222

Fax: (866)-213-1996

Waste Management of Southern California

We thank you for utilizing Waste Management as your waste removal provider. We value your business and always want our service to reflect that fact. We are sending you this request for your electronic signature in order to maintain accurate information on your account. Please review the enclosed Service Agreement which outlines your service levels and electronically sign by following the link below. If you already have an existing agreement with us for these services at this location, once signed and returned, this agreement will replace the current valid agreement on file. Please note: Your current, valid agreement will remain in effect until the return of this service agreement with your Electronic Signature. If you choose not to update your account at this time, please keep in mind your services will continue per your service agreement on file.

New to the Electronic Signature Process for Waste Management?

Electronic signatures are an easy and fast way to sign a document. Waste Management's electronic signature partner, DocuSign, is trusted and secure, providing a legally binding signature for any document.

Here's how it works:

1) Receive a request

When you receive a request for your electronic signature (this email is the request), click "Review Documents" in the email.

2) Sign the document

You'll be guided through the process to select a ready-made signature or write your own and then guided through the document to ensure all information and signatures are completed. The legally signed document is then delivered back to Waste Management.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thank You,

Waste Management

This request was sent to you from Waste Management using the DocuSign Electronic Signature Service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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