My service had got suspended for non payment which I will take full responsibility for. I called waste managment and did the pay by phone option.

The computer voice said my past due balance and what to pay to restore service. So I paid that and before u hung up it had said a total if 3 times pay this amount so service will b restored. You payed this amount service will b restored. Well I paid that on Friday and my service gets picked up on Fridays so I waited another week to put my trash out.

So the following Friday I put out my trash which there was a bunch. Garbage truck came and went n did not pick my trash up. I called the customer service number and talked to someone and the worker said I had to pay an extra 47$!!! Why did the computer say u had to pay 87$ last week to re start service!?!?!

So she told me my trash will not b picked up till I pay that amount. I asked to speak w a supervisor. Well the supervisor got on the line and told me if I would pay my bill I wouldn't have this issue to begin with. Well I paid what the computer said I had to to restore service!

Paying the extra 47$ was not an issue the issue was my trash was not going to get picked up for 3 weeks now! My husband worked threw waste magmt threw a temp service and they had to send out what is called a satalite truck if they did not pick up your trash. I asked the supervisor to please do that n she said NO I can't put it out next Friday! U told her how there is a competitor who's trash pick up is cheaper and before when waste managment left my trash they kindly picked mine up because they seen it out!

She told me to do whatever I wished to do!!!

Talk about not caring what your customer feels! She told me to take my business elsewhere!

Review about: Waste Management Customer Care.

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