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I'm a contractor and I sometimes have some extra demo debris and it isn't anything that is on the top lid list that's unacceptable. They are now tagging the containers with these yellow tags that have a list of reasons why they won't pick it up(but never mark the reason).

I'm guessing it's the too heavy,as one of the reasons listed, but the container says max is 336lbs. I had some demo debris along with our regular trash(mainly drywall scraps) and they didn't take the trash, just a yellow tag. If you can't put out anything extra, then WM is useless, and now they want pick anything "heavy". The trash trucks have auto lifts for the cans!!!

Too heavy!?!?! Who are they employing? I understand there is a weigh limits on the trucks but I'm not putting out that much weight. We have much more recycling than trash so we have extra room.

We are sending out a notice to the whole area(HOA, 2500 homes) since they've pissed of most of our area and we will be voting them out. THEY SUCK!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Waste Collection.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Get rid of WM.

Waste Management Pros: Use to be good.

Waste Management Cons: Bad serviced, Changed their service policy, Useless now.

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