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This company has, in their contract, a 6 month "notice of discontinuation of service" clause. If you do not give them this notice, they charge you 6 months of fees to stop service.

You had better send the request with a signature required form from the post office because the first time we tried to stop service, they "did not receive it"! The second time, they said that they had a "contract with a different date" than the one that I was provided.

Then after weeks of frustration, they picked up their equipment and charged almost $70 to do so. I now tell everyone I know to stay as far away from Waste Management as possible.

Review about: Waste Management Waste Collection.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #637606

You are right on the money so to speak: How can you say post things like this? Employees in the Lewisville call center have a call center manager who violates the very dress code which other employees are written up for (on April 12, 2013 she blatantly wore a t-shirt with HUGE sparkly letters that said K MOM on it) and we have all been written up or had to sign something stating ABSOLUTELY NO T-SHIRTS WITH ANY TYPE OF WRITING ON IT AT ALL. Really? And she was there working because she was also sitting behind her desk, that equals working.

We all also got slapped in the face after over 2 years of NO PAY RAISES, increasing pressure and always changing unobtainable goals to get bonuses.........we then get a less then 40 CENT per hour pay raise AND STILL no reviews for over 2 + years? WTF. And the call center hours have been cut across the board, THAT, PUBLIC, IS WHY YOUR HOLD TIME IS LONGER NO MATTER WHERE YOU CALL FROM and your customer service experience has declined because WM refuses to staff each site to provide experts in THAT AREA of the country, they have gone to having a Virtual Call Center theory........meaning when you call in, you might or might not REALLY get your problem or request taken care of.

As far as sending in an email request, it is backlogged for over 10 days so do not even bother using THAT "new" feature if you want something done.

Employees are LEAVING IN DROVES for good reason......WM is drowning and taking hard working employees down with it and putting NAZI managers in charge who never come out of their offices, refuse to speak to employees AND BREAK the company rules at every turn. Why DID you leave your last job Beverly Hamilton? Was it voluntary or not voluntary? I am happy I am now gone from WM but a lot of my friends still work there and they are so afraid of retribution they won't even call the supposed anonymous integrity hot line. I say they should ALL GO ON STRIKE AND CALL A SICK OUT, including the upset leads and supervisors and let Hamilton take the calls. LMAO.

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