Cumming, Georgia

Had been WM customer for 8 year without any missed or late payment. Then last December during holiday season, I forgot to pay the bill because it was buried and it was holiday season. When I found out myself in Februry 2013, I paid immediately. When I received the bill later, I was charged with %35 resume fee and $5 late fee. I called customer service to ask for a waive. The rep submitted the request and asked me to check back later. I did and was told it was denied. I was pissed off as a 8 year custoemr and wanted to cancelled the service.

I confirmed with the rep that I don't owe anything if I cancel the service and got a yes. Then, you know what, I got another bill asking for the remaining $40. I called again, a rep asked her manager and then told me to just pay the $5 late fee. I said OK and paid. I assumed that everything was taken care of and life can move on.

Then again, I got a bill asking for $35 and another $5 late fee. Called again, explained everything, and opened a ticket to have the supervisor to call me back. Never happened. Called again, was told the request put by the rep was denied although she got her manager's approval.

I was so pissed. If the $35 resume has to be paid, tell me. Don't tell me you don't need to pay and then ask it later plus late fee.

From my experience, this business has no concern about customer's feelings. They can flip and flop and tell you one thing today and tell you the opposite tomorrow. Customer services suck and expecially the managers.

Find another provider, and this is my advice.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waste Management Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $45.

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This company apparently promotes lying. If you call to report a problem, get a confirmation number; don't just let the rep tell you that "a truck will be out by the end of the day -- call back if they don't show up" -- because the offices will be closed when you do. Very bad customer service.


I am sick of Waste Management NJ also. I was told I was up to date and owed nothing.

I get a bill for $44 for late charge. I call several times now per my confirmation that I was paid up to date and they now say I owe the $44 late fee. I told them that was ridiculous and a very high amount and they say it used to be $25 but it's $40 now with another $4 admin fee.

I have had many problems from this Company!